When deciding upon the sites colour I had initially designed to the site to follow and white, grey and blue colour scheme, displayed below on the sites ‘How It Works’ page.

Screen Shot 201

I chose the blue as I felt it stuck within the genre of house finder websites as blue was a commonly used colour. Additionally the colour gave the page a professional and formal look.

However, when my group and I met in a group meeting Chloe has designed our logo in the brown colour we had previously discussed. When the logo was put on the site it looked out of place with the colour scheme, this is where collectivly we decided that many to reflect the idea of Southern student we would change the background to green, to reflect the country and nature that the South of England is known for also green was a coloured used largely among existing house finder websites. Additionally we found when doing this the text boxes became more distinct and meant they were more prominent on the page, displaying their importance.

Screen Shot 2015


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