Site Designs


Within the group it was decided that I would create the basic plans for the design of the website. As seen in previous posts I have researched into many existing house finder websites to understand basic layout.

Additionally I have prioritised the content on the page as to what I feel would be most used by users.


Including a navigation bar that is located at the top of the page was key. This would allow for easy navigation around the site for all users. As this is a recognised position for this feature among web design it means users already an idea of what the bar will do without having visiting the site before.

Many of the websites I visited within the research used a horizontal design layout. This is where most of the content was posted in different boxes one under the other, in a horizontal way down the page.


Spacing the boxes down the page offers a clear distinction for users when using the site that each section is different. Additionally this will make the site look professional, yet be functional for the users.


Including a ‘How It Works’ page will ensure users are able to use the site to its full potential additionally if they are unsure of the to use the site this is a great go to page to understand. A page like this was found of some of the existing sites I researched.

I have designed the footer to be fixed at the bottom of the window at all time on each page.



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