Refining Our Idea

The aim of meeting the team the today was to refine out idea, so that we would have a clear understanding of what web application we were going to make.

Initially my group and I decided upon the housemate finder idea where the layout would be similar to a dating website where each user would have a profile and they would search for others using refined searches on the site finding those who they would be happy to share a house with. This idea has now been improved and changed.

We have chosen to introduce a room finder tool into the site. We thought this would be more useful and is in demand more so than to simply find housemate as many people would want to be searching for rooms that are available but may be reserved as they are worried about potential housemates; which is where we decided users who upload information about rooms available will now need to upload profiles about themselves and other housemates in the house. This makes the site different from many of the sites in this genre as they focus not only on the rooms but also the housemates.

Additionally upon signing up to the site user will need to enter the university they study at to ensure all members are students as this is who we are aiming the site at.

This would make it easier for students searching for room to be with housemates that are similar to them. Additionally we wish to introduce the idea of selecting via different universities so that the site is locked and will be used and aimed at strictly university students.


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