Participatory Culture

The website my group and I will create will follow the ideas of ‘Participatory Culture’. This is a culture that means each person that visits the site doesn’t simply act as consumers only, but they are producers and contributors or ‘prosumers’. This term is given to the production or creation of a type of published media. This means the site we create users will need be able to insert data and it then be displayed to users and views of the website. The rise of personal computers, mobile devices and the internet has mean’t individuals are able to publish and create such media with ease mostly through the internet.

Due to this new cultures relationship with the internet it can be described as ‘Web 2.0’. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia all reply upon participatory culture, needing submissions by individuals on the sites. The sites require no additional software for information to be submitted, all that is needed is an internet browser.

A useful document related to this topic can be found here.


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