Wiki Commons Upload

Within this weeks seminar we were discussing ‘Wikis’. Due to this I decided to create an account on Wikimedia Commons and to upload an image of my own to the site.

The first step in the process was to create an account on the website: This was a quick and simple process entering the minimum of a username and password. All buttons for this were clearly displayed on the webpage allowing sign up to be an easy task.

Once this was done I then proceeded to the upload page, this is where the first of five steps was presented. This first step was to agree to the terms and conditions of the website, allowing an incite into how the site works.

The second step was to select the file(s) I wished to download from my files. A pop up window appeared meaning I would search through my documents until I found the image I wished to upload.



I then had to agree to the release rights of the image, ensuring the work was my own to share and that I accept the terms and conditions of the upload to the site.


Additionally the next step meant I would add description to the image, offering a related title and description whilst adding tags and categories allowing other users to discover the image.


Finally the image was uploaded and the links to the image via the website were displayed.

12414 This the image I uploaded.

I found the process of uploading an image to WikiCommons very easy, there is a clear structure within the website allowing clear navigation to uploading. Each step is broken down into simple and easy to understand steps ensure the upload is successful.


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