Web Blog Design

To ensure my blog looks it’s best I have decided upon basic instructions I will use each time I publish a post.

Firstly all of my blog posts will have a title, the title will need to be relevant to the topic of the post allowing viewers an incite into the post before committing to the full post.

Each post will have a cover image, this will make my webblog look professional and interesting for viewers, the images will also reinforce the topic of the different posts.

All paragraphed text is aligned left, following this will make the post look professional whilst being easier to read. Additionally titles that may occur about different sections of a post may appear centred to highlight the change in topic to the reader. If there is subheadings I will simply make the text bold but keep it aligned left.

Additionally I aim to shorten text into smaller paragraphs which in turn will result in a more appealing text load to viewers.

Most blog posts will include images, therefore when I include images into a post I will ensure the image fits the width of the post. The images will be placed at any point in the post not just at the top or bottom. The images will be used to reinforce a point or to display a point which is why I will place them where I see fit.

Images will align centre as this will make the image appear to have small padding, looking more professional to viewers. If any images are too small or are squared and either can’t be stretch to the page width or I feel they look better as they are, I have created a basic template in which I can insert the image on before uploading to the weblog.

When necessary I will be using bullet points, when listing these will be plain bullet points aligned left.

Moreover whenever I use quotes or use a website for reference for an image or text I will display and connect it using hyperlinks  to text, like this. I favour this over pasting the full URL as they can sometimes be very long, which will appear unattractive to viewers and could take up a lot of room on the page and be confusing to viewers.


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