Design for Digital Media Environments

The brief I will be following throughout this unit is as followed:

I will be working in a group of three to create a “social” web based application, the site should address a specific “problem” of a target audience of our choice. The application will be browser based and use technologies of CSS and HTML5 for the visual design. Additionally we will use a database and “server-side” scripting language to control and adapt the data “architecture” of the application. Moreover by using a centralised database within the application a shared public/social space is created, all contributing to the application being a social tool. Users will be able to enter data of some sort into the website which will be displayed.

The example web application that was given was an online recipe book. This is where user can login and add recipes as well as edit your old recipes. Additional feature of the site could include a search/filter recipes by ingredients, ethnic origin, dietary requirements etc option.

Other examples include applications such as a holiday website where instead of recipes you have holiday descriptions and instead of filtering by ingredient you filter by activities, budget range etc. or a used car site where application users provide descriptions of cars for sale and a user can filter by model, colour, year, price range etc.


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