The light source of these images is in the centre, the idea is that this way all of the characters will have shadows behind them, within these shadows are the different percentages of obese adults within nine countries within Europe.

When I first created the shadows I used a slightly darker shade of grey to define the different percentage numbers, they appeared on the poster as displayed below.


However after I had created all of the shadows I discovered this colouring didn’t work. When looking at the poster as a whole they percentages were not bold enough for audiences to notice these figures easily. Therefore to maintain the shadow effect I decided to add a small outline to each of the vector shape numbers. This is coloured in a light grey, it allows the shadow effect to remain prominent within the image yet allows viewers eyes to be see these numbers easier. In turn this will ensure the main message and data is being portrayed to viewers of the poster. The final outcome is displayed below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 15.27.56


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