I will be creating the poster with the idea it will be displayed within doctors surgeries or hospital waiting rooms. This was decided as I feel this is the most appropriate place for the poster, within these environmnets people have trust. This means they would take the poster seriously and understand that it is a serious matter that is causing concern. This would be highlighted as it would be displayed beside posters that raise awareness about the issue of smoking or drinking to much alcohol, along side with deceases and support groups; which leads onto another point where audiences could then contact the doctor about any help they could have to loose some weight if they feel they fit within the percentage of their country.

Additionally this means the poster will have to target a mass audience. However those most likely to take note are adults aged 16 or above however as it would be exposed people younger than this I must ensure it is suitable for all ages and won’t offend or upset any young, middle aged or older person. I feel the design I have decided upon will mean this does not happen and os suitable for all ages.


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