Design Update

After careful thought and observation I have decided to make some changes to the design plans for the poster. Firstly I will be changing the shape of the table to a oval, I feel this will make the most of all the space on the poster. In addition this will allow audiences to follow the characters around the table. After creating a rectangle table I found the poster appeared dull and uninteresting making this change essential.

Additionally I found that having ten or more different characters may look to crowded on the poster and here therefore decided to feature only nine characters around the table. This would mean audiences are able to focus on the worse countries whilst being clear and easy to read/view. With any more characters the poster would have appeared over crowded and extremely busy, narrowing the number down means audiences are able to focus easier on the information being presented.

Now the percentages will be displayed within the shadow of each of the characters, behind their chairs. The percentage will be a slightly darker shade of grey so that it is clear and noticeable to audiences. This idea steamed from the concept these percentages aren’t taken seriously and people tend to use the ‘out of sight out of mind’ concept with obesity however the poster displays how the issue isn’t going away, to become healthier countries must focus on the concept.

Moreover I will present the poster portrait so that the largest percentage country which is the United Kingdom will be displayed at the top of the page, as in Europe this is where we know to start reading information as this is the most common way to display data on a sheet, or poster in this case.


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