The poster I will be creating fits within the ‘Communication Design’ category. Communication design is a discipline mixed between design and information development, this discipline explore the way media and information are communicated with audiences. These mediums include printed, presentations, crafted or electronic media.

When creating the poster I will be using some of the ‘Gestalt Principles’. The principles refer to the theories of visual perception that were developed in the 1920s by German psychologists and are largely used by designers today. The principles attempt to describe how designers tend to organise visual elements on a page.

One principle I feel that would be relevant to my design idea is the principle of Symmetry. This idea refers to the idea that things that share similar visual characteristics e.g. shape, colour or size will appear to belong together in a group in the viewers mind. Therefore when colouring the characters for each country I will need to make sure the colours are all different, this will in turn show users each character represents something different understand and communicating the aim of the poster (to display which country is the fattest). Additionally this principle also looks at composition, the way different aspects of the poster are positioned on the page. Images or posters that offer viewers compositional symmetry hold connotations of interrelatedness and harmony, resulting in a positive response from viewers.  Therefore when creating the poster I will ensure the principle of symmetry is in the forefront of my mind, this will result in a better outcome. Positing the main focus (the table) in the centre of the image will achieve this look. The image will appear balanced and therefore more appealing.

The second Gestalt Principle relevant is Proximity. This principle states how objects/shapes which are close together appear to form groups. Regardless of the objects/shapes size or shape they will appear grouped. Working in my designs favour this Gestalt law will allow viewers to see the poster and understand the characters are sat around the table together. Grouping can however still be achieved by tone, shape and colour. To ensure viewers are able to distinguish and understand each character is representing a different county as mention earlier in this post, I will colour each character differently, allowing them to look together yet different. Additionally the shape and size of the food on the plates will indicate the difference between all the characters.

Colour will play a large roll within my poster. I have decided to colour the fattest country in red. From researching online I have found that red is used across Europe as a colour of danger and attention. Road signs are coloured red to bring attention to drives all across Europe. This is why I will use red to display mass danger to viewers bring their attention to this character over all others.


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