Dining Scene Details

To create the A2 poster I will be using Adobe Illustrator, the page will be displayed landscape. The poster that will be created will feature a large rectangular table, positioned in the centre of the page. The poster will be created with a birds eye view effect, where the audience will feel they are looking in the room from above. The colour of the rectanglular table will be light brown, this will make it standout from the floor, which will be coloured cream. I aim to create ten different human figures, all of different shapes, sizes and colours. They will be positioned around the table sitting on chairs that will be of a similar colour to the table. Additionally on the table there will be plates, glasses and food. The plates will be black and white contrasting from the colourful poster I will create. The glasses will contain drink, the colour I will select when creating the poster to ensure it looks natural. Moreover the food on the plates I have decided will be a pie however the main area will be coloured with the countries flag, allowing viewers to understand which country they represent. Furthermore there will be plaques in-front of each character, coloured gold. The numbers themselves will be white to contrast the gold surrounding. Along with this to make the scene appear real and true to its nature I will add in walls and windows to the poster which will in turn make the poster more interesting. To ensure the poster is effective and appears interesting to users I will use the idea that the light source is in the centre of the table, this means I will add shadow effects to the different vectors making the poster appear professional.

The vectors I will need to create are as followed:

  • Floor
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • People
  • Plates
  • Flag Foods
  • Forks
  • Cups
  • Walls and Windows
  • Percentages

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