Ideas Refined


The first idea I had was focused around balloons; many different size and shaped balloons would be displayed across the A2 poster. Different sized silhouettes would be positioned across the page, these would reflect on the obesity levels a curtain country had. These silhouettes would be holding onto a balloon which would be shaped like numbers; these numbers would be the percentage of adults that are obese within that country. The countries flag would colour the balloons. The larger and higher percentage would be displayed largest and nearer the bottom of the poster to show weight and emphasise the weight. Initially I have decided they would be positioned as if they are floating in space with a small vector of the earth somewhere on the page.



The second idea I am considering is to crate a dining scene. This scene will feature a rectangular table in the centre of a room; around this will be ten different characters. Each character will represent a different country of the world. Additionally to this the weight (size) of each character will change depending on their percentage. The food that will be on their plate will in some way present the country to the audience with ease. I will then display the percentage of obesity for the country on plaques which will be positioned infront of each character on the dinning table. Moreover I have decided the scene will be set within a restaurant, this means when audiences look at the poster they will be able to easily attach the theme of food and obesity with the poster.



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