The main aspect of this project is to visually communicate an idea. The audience must understand the data/idea from the poster alone, it shouldn’t need any supporting materials such as verbal or text explanations. Data has been displayed in many different ways across media platforms. Common design aspects include graphs and charts; additionally vector images are featured on many posters helping illustrate an idea/theme. Therefore I feel crating a vector poster is a great way to communicate a message with an audience. I have decided to create a poser based around the dining scene idea I have previously discussed. I chose this idea other the other balloon idea as I felt that idea would appear child like, targeting the wrong audience in which I would set out to target.

Additionally the dining scene I feel is liked much closer to the theme of the poster and would ensure a clear reading is taken from audiences. Additionally I feel this poster would look more professional and factual based, where audiences would take the poster seriously rather than thinking it was humorous and ignoring the underlining message.


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