Kinetic Typography


The final out come of this kinetic typography project is focused around a Stand up to Cancer advert titled ‘Two Worlds One Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 17.11.22Dream’. I personally picked to use this audio soundtrack as I felt it is important the words spoken by the charity are understood so audiences know what the charity are doing whilst emphasising the different points within the advert. This first step I took was typing out each sentence of lyric, I wrote then down on individual lines as this would display different compositions for each of these lines within AfterEffects. After I had done this I entered the words on the different compositions, this meant I could then arrange then in the correct place and alter the size and font of each word.

When creating the video within AfterEffects the scale of text was something I was careful of along with composition within the frame. Ensure important text was larger and presented in the best place within the frame meant I was able to put emphasis on curtain words and dim down less important phrases. Additionally I found when arranging the text among the composition text that was on its own line was more prominent in viewers vision therefore to enhance specific points I using single words on each line. Choosing a light blue background that faded to white gave the video a clean, soft and professional look. The colour is calming allowing viewers to not be distracted by the background and focus on the videos content.

The kinetic typography video I have created can we viewed here.


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