Kinetic Typography


Before creating my own kinetic typography video I have researched into existing products. Using the video sharing site titled ‘’ I was able to watch multiple videos where kinetic typography has been used, additionally these videos feature pure text to enhance and present an audio track like the outcome I aim to create.

One example I found was on Vimeo’s kinetic typography channel. The example can be found here. This video used an existing soundtrack, much like I intend to. The creator has used AfterEffects, the same program I intend to use. They have focused on words that are important within the sentence and highlighted them to the viewer by introducing a new font to the composition or by making the text larger than any other on the page. Additionally they have used one colour background which alls the video to flow naturally where it doesn’t appear harsh or unprofessional. All fonts that have been used in this example and many others are all clear to read.

Screen Shot  at 10.15.32


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