Animation – Final Outcome


To create digital animations I used Adobe Photoshop. Incepting with the theme of ‘CYCLE’ I furthered the idea of water cycles into my final outcomes for the animation project. The first section of the task mean’t I have created a hand drawn animation a cloud with rain falling from it, this was a ten frame creation. To further this I then used Photoshop and created a similar design digitally, this was also a ten frame creation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 14.20.24


Secondly I have created an animation from photographs that I have taken, to ensure the animation worked effectively I had to use fast shutter speeds to ensure I captured as much small detailed movement to ensure the final product work and looked professional. The animation I created is displayed below, I captured water falling onto a window and created an animated gif using Photoshop. This GIF is formed of 14 frames, I have used a black and white filter as I feel it makes the animation appear cold to audiences complementing the cold glass and water textures within the animation.

Additionally I created another gif within the theme of water cycles but focused on clouds. Clouds being a subject matter I cloudsstopframePELLINGhaven’t experimented with before. This GIF was created using with 150 frames, this meant I took 100 photographs within 6 seconds. I took these images every 0.2 seconds. Takes many more images allows the animation to flow for longer, making it appear seamless to viewers. Whereas in the gif I first created the camera was not kept 100% still I wanted this gif to appear seamless so ensured the camera was set up on a tripod to ensure it didn’t move.

Below is an animation I created using Photoshop out of the theme of ‘cycle’. This is where I experimented with shape to animationcreate a more realistic animation of a bouncing ball. Changing the shape of the ball I believe gave the animation a fun approach, I feel the changing of shape means the ball looks more realistic rather than a simple shape moving. The change makes the ball appear like it has weight adding to the realistic approach.


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