Before creating either animation I researched into existing ‘drawn’ and ‘stop motion’ animations.

Drawn Animation

Drawn animation is where each frame of the animation is drawn by hand, this was the dominant technique of animation until computer animation came about. Many drawn animations are created to have a repetitive sequence this means the motion within the animation appears seamless to viewers. This technique became less popular when artists started to draw animations directly onto film, which Harry Smith did in 1945.

When creating my own drawn animation I will focus on water cycles. Therefore I have decided I will create a animation where rain is falling from a cloud, I aim to create a sequenced animation which will result in the animation appearing seamless to any viewers. Taken from a google images search of ‘rain cloud animation’ I discovered this gif file which will inspire my animated-rain-clouds-rainclouddrawn animation. I aim to use this basic shape of a rain drop within the drawn animation I will create. However I feel this animation is slow and therefore appears fake to viewers so I will speed up the animation when I digitalise it to display on the web.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is a technique animators use where on object appears to move on its own, most commonly used when this technique was first used were dolls. The animation focus would be moved in small intervals in-between each of the photographs being taken which would create an illusion that the subject is moving when the frames are played in a sequence. Focusing on the theme of ‘CYCLE’ I have researched into existing stop motion animations around this theme, from this I found that rain drops falling onto windows looks extremely effecting as it allows audiences to react due to the angles and textures many of the animations obtain. Examples from Google can be found here.

It is important that when capturing the different images that the camera is kept still. If the camera moves in the slightest way it will effect the sequence upon its final result, it has also been made evident from the research that the faster and more images that are taken in a short space of time create a seamless and more professional looking animation. Therefore I will use fast shutter speed on a DSLR camera and the multi-shot feature to ensure I can capture many images within a short period of time.


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