Temporal Expressions

Task Outcome

Fitting within the theme of ‘CYCLE’ I captured images using a fast shutter speed. The chosen category was water cycles where I focused on waves and the cycle they undertake. These images were inspired by the work of Clifford Ross.


These images were all taken with fast shutter speeds. Using a DSLR camera camera I was able to alter the shutter speed for every images. This allowed me to capture many different images that appear to be stopped in time, as this sight is rare to see and capture as it only occurs for a fraction of a second. The fast shutter speed allowed this to happen.

Joiner Image

Here is a joiner image I created inspired by the work of David Hockney. I believe this image works well as it allows any viewer to see time. The different stages of the waves upon the beach vary allowing the cycle to be shown through the image. The darkening of the images from left to right also reflects time adding to the ideas behind joiner images and enhancing the theme I chose of water cycles.


Long Exposure Images



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