Temporal Expressions


With the theme of ‘CYCLE’ I have brain stormed multiple ideas, the idea I have decided to go with is water and the cycle it under goes. Firstly I will take images using a fast shutter speed, I aim to take these images focusing on the cycle of waves. I will capture images as the waves about about to ripple, capturing a sight that is not seen by the human eye due to the fast movement of the crashing wave. These images will be take with a close up angle, I will experiment with different shutter speeds when I go and capture all of the images to ensure the best photographs are taken.

 Waves rushing up the beach at Stanwell Park New South Wales     il_570xN.367676986_r8aj       jim-richardson-waves-crash-on-the-shore-in-a-close-up-view-of-the-ocean

The second part of this task is to capture images using long exposure. When I capture my set of images I will remain with the same theme of water cycles taking photographs of waves as they ascend back into the sea. I find the below images very interesting as the wisps of water falling back into the sea leave a soft, textured and reflective mood on viewers. I feel the images appear soft through the light colours used within the images.

 longex2 MG_5729-Edit mibUpzw

Alternatively to the wave idea, I may experiment with puddles and the different ways they are effected through time. Weather it be due to evaporation or movement or addition by rain. The light exposed and reflected within the water will also interest the images I may take as I feel light and shadows create atmospheric images of which I am a fan of.

(All images used in this post came from searches online, non are my own work)


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