Task 2 – Temporal Expressions

For the second task I have been given the theme of “CYCLE”. With this theme I have been asked to complete three different tasks, the first is to create a joiner image inspired by the work of David Hockney. The second is to produce creative photo-images that exploit long exposure examples of this are light painting and slit-scan and finally, to produce photo-images or a sequence of photographs that explore short exposures examples of this are sport photography.

The first task is to create an image inspired by Hockney’s joiner images, the below images are some examples taken from http://www.hockneypictures.com as part of his joiner series.

hockney polaroid  01  02

When creating these images Hockney enjoyed this technique as it allowed the viewer to read space as Hockney was interested in how we see time and space. Furthermore the style of Hockney’s images varied where he would occasionally lay out the images in a neat grid and in others create different shapes and take a collage approach to some of the final outcomes. This is something I will have to consider when create my own joiner image from the theme of “CYCLE” weather I want to neatly lay the images out or not.


Below are some examples of long exposure images taken from Google:

042810_long_exposure_photography_2  Geli_Inder/ Der Liebenden Schlaf  long_exposure_photography_7

As displayed above, there are many different subject matters that can be photographed with a long exposure which generate a variety of outcomes. Light and movement are two of the main subject matters used within this method go photography. Below are some examples of fast shutter speed images taken from Google:

27-70_highspeed1 7-Best-Tips-for-Making-Sports-Photography

These images were all taken with a fast shutter speed to capture an exact moment in time. The images were taken so quick they were able to capture a moment that can last for an extremely short amount of time, this makes the images exciting and interesting to viewers.


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