Task 1 – Photo

Task 1 within the Concept and Ideation unit of the course is title ‘Photo’. This task instructs me to focus on texture, colour, shape and form within a photograph. The task is to use a digital SLR camera to capture images of ‘naturally-occurring’ shapes that could be used as photographically framed letters of the alphabet. The images I should take should be shot portrait and I should minimise the chance of having to digitally manipulate these images by ensure the images are in perfect frame when being captured and ensuring the correct light is present within the images. Additionally all of the photographic alphabet letters should follow a visual theme. Once the images have been captured I will then combine all of the 26 images into a single displayed poster-image. Moreover I will be capturing photographs that concentrate on form, line, texture and use of colour; these images will reflect the choice of subject within the photographic alphabet.

Webpages such as http://www.alphabetphotography.co.uk offer online users a way of entering in any work of their choice which then appears in a photographic alphabet style which they can then order for purchase and display in their desired location.

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.18.46

Online research has lead me into many different ideas simply searching ‘photography alphabet’ into Google images brings up countless images of different styles and subject matter people have created in the past. Some use black and white or sepia tones over their images with others utilising all the colour within the frames.



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